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8 out of 10 people fail to learn Mandarin despite spending thousands of Ringgit on lessons, private tutors, books and learning materials. Here’s why:

  • The homework is too boring and ineffective.
  • Course fee is too expensive
  • One-size-fits-all course covers things that you already know.
  • Inability to juggle work and classes.
  • Lack of time for revision.
  • Missed a couple of classes and inability to catch up later.

Avoid these pitfalls and learn Mandarin the Langbotic way.

We’ve revolutionized the way to learn Mandarin. Combining our unique method of classroom teaching with interactive technology, we make it possible for you to learn Mandarin quickly and effortlessly.

You will be given free access to a mobile learning app together with our learning material. Register today!

Note: For the trial and course to be effective, you are required to have basic understanding of any Chinese dialect. If you are a complete beginner, you are still welcome to attend this free trial to get an insight to our teaching methodology and we can then recommend a suitable course for you.

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When learning English, you begin with ABC. When learning Chinese Mandarin, you begin with Chinese Radicals. By learning Chinese Radicals you will understand how different Radicals and components are combined to form more complex Chinese characters. Equipping yourself with the knowledge of Chinese Radicals will help you identify, remember, and recall Chinese characters with greater ease. We have curated 5 ​interesting stories to help you learn and remember radicals and characters. We will cover 1 story during the trial.

Story ​1: ​The Good Earth

Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, a man meets a woman. Together they discover the beauty of the land and the gifts of the good earth.

Learn 20 Chinese Radicals and 60 Chinese Characters in this charming story about pastoral life

Story ​​2: Harvest Moon

In the picturesque country side, a farmer and his wife try to make a life together. From dawn to dusk, day after day, he works hard toiling the land. On one fateful day after a great harvest, his wife awaits his return to reveal a secret that will forever change their lives.

Learn 20 Chinese Radicals and 60 Chinese Characters in this insightful story about the harsh realities of country life and the joy from the fruit of your labours.

Story ​​3: The Filial Son

The filial son is obedient. He is devoted to his parents. He cares for them when they are old. He honours them by bringing prestige to the whole family and ensures the continuation of the family line. What does it take to be a filial son?

Learn 20 Chinese Radicals and 60 Chinese Characters in this story about duty, discipline and developing the good habits of a filial son.

Story ​​4: The Haunted Factory

By the cliffs outside of town, lay an abandoned factory. Believed to be haunted, the local children often times dared each other to venture into the building. A young boy often teased for his small stature attempts to prove his bravery by taking up this challenge.

Learn 20 Chinese Radicals and 60 Chinese Characters in this chilling story as you follow young Jimmy into the heart of darkness.

Story ​​5 The Ancient Cave Museum

Deep inside an ancient cave, whom no one knows when it first existed, lie the secrets of man from long, long ago. Travel back in time and discover the wondrous treasures in The Ancient Cave Museum.

Learn 20 Chinese Radicals and 60 Chinese Characters in this entertaining story about the history of man.

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